Monday, August 25, 2014

How HR Technology will change the role of HR

Today Economic slowdown and increased Business uncertainties are the main Challenges before the Organization. In this competitive environment HR plays an important role for business success. In the new millennium Technology has transformed the business world for success. The impact of technology in HR area is significant, it helps workforce stay connected, motivate and empower them to drive business growth. 
 Application of Technology in the following key workforce Management areas leads to shaping future role of HR in the business.
·         Workforce  Acquisition (WA)
·         Workforce Transformation (WT)
·         Workforce Engagement (WE)
In present context with use of technology HR is becoming more strategic and business focused. 
The future workforce is going to be younger, highly Tech savvy having different life style. Organization has to think and plan different strategy to attract & retain such workforce at the business. This is possible to a large extent with use of technology. Technology enables hiring process more efficient and helps setting a robust future workforce planning system in the organization. Technology helps taking right decision by building a more accurate Predictive analytic model at HR.
Video based interviewing, assessment are now possible through technology and helped reducing hiring cycle time to large extent. Prototype recruiting application using Google glass is a game changer. Imagine interviewing a candidate when a peer listens in and then sends you message in your glasses to ask different question to the candidate.
Reference check and on-boarding of workforce is becoming more efficient with the availability of technology
Efficient technology helps sourcing right people leveraging social networks.
Technology driven e-learning programs has made it more efficient and effective for workforce development. People are now happy to go through the specified skill & capability development programs anytime anywhere at their own comfort. The technology has also made it possible to monitor individual’s progress and learning status on real time basis.
The Technology Give HR managers anytime, anywhere access to workforce profile, opportunity to Monitor and analyse  business critical processes, promote productivity and efficiency, helps on-the-go workers to easily find and enrol in online training content wherever they need, deliver Individual/group specific engaging content through mobile for job enrichment, help in creating Manager dashboard, allows HR executives to quickly view workforce details based on their capability, performance, experience etc., view performance indicators, approve workflow requests, view real-time reports. All these made possible at the touch of a bottom at anytime from anywhere.
Use of Integrated business HR software and Mobile application has made the employee engagement more efficient.
Today HR Technology helps individual to view business goal, create goals for self, Review sub-ordinates Goals, check its alignment with the Business strategy and monitor its progress on real-time basis. The HR dashboard helps in monitoring performance progress of workforce on real time basis.
Technology pushes HR, venturing to unexplored people management areas.
Smart phones, Tablets, Laptops & Wi-Fi have changed the way the job was done earlier; it has created virtual work place where people can deliver more efficiently. Results show that 75% workforce worked more hours and thus help Improve employee productivity.
Technology has made possible in improving the quality of HR services, building a much efficient Workforce Intelligence system, developing an efficient workforce planning system, developing a user friendly self service portal for employees and creating a much better HR analytics which can predict future workforce attrition in the business. Self service capabilities help employees, Managers, Executives access the information they need, when & where they require it. With growing mobility amongst workforce and new generation getting more technology savvy, Mobile technology based HR applications help in improving the engagement & retention level at business.
Survey done in 2011 tells that approx
77% of the Organization shows improvement in employee satisfaction
75% of the organizations see improvement in real-time decision making.
73% of the organization observes improvement in employee productivity.
With the advent of Tablets, Mobile technology and cloud computing, Technology application in HR area is changing fast. This has helped HR becoming more business focused and result oriented.

By Dilep Misra

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