Wednesday, July 6, 2011


                                                                                     Dilep Misra

In the competitive market environment to make the business successful what is required is a transformation of People practices at the organization.
To be successful every Organization has to be customer driven and satisfy the needs of its stakeholders.

The main stake holders of an organization are Investors, Customers, Vendors, Employee, Government and Society.

Broadly the Organization focuses on the following needs of its stakeholders

• Increase in market share
• Increase in PAT
• Making quality product at a competitive price
• Best customer service
• Improve in Quality of work life
• Meeting all standards of Corporate Governance & Compliances
• Improved responsiveness & concern for the society

We need motivated passionate people at the organization to meet the above needs of the organization. We want people to bring their HAND…HEAD…and HEART to the work place. People should feel enthusiastic and happy to work at the Organization.

This can happen only if we improve the quality of work life and take care of their major concerns at work place.

The people strategy and policy of the organization has to be aligned with the business goal and Employee oriented. HR needs to be concerned about their employee and at the same time business driven.

Encourage the following :

• Innovation at workplace
• Continuous improvement
• Encourage Team work
• Make the organization process driven
• Automate the activities and processes
• Wherever possible outsource the non-core activities
• Be concern about your people and your customers
• Identify talent and plan for the IDP
• Have an effective Employee engagement strategy
• Implement a suitable Succession planning strategy

Every Business is for making profit. If you want to improve the PAT of your business, continue to identify the performers and pat on their back.

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  1. Wise words from a wise man :-)

    May I suggest that we should be customer centric e.g. doing all that we can to ensure that our customers are happy and well looked after, with products and services that delight them, provided in ways that are convenient to them.

    However, we must remain Market Focused. For any business however large or small with have an attrition rate. Even the best of businesses will not last long if they focus just on what would be an ever diminishing number of customers.

    Market focused means we keep adapting and changing and winning new customers, while being customer centric means that we do our best to look after and retain the customers we have for longer.

    Good Luck Dilep