Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coaching for Individual's Success

Dilip Misra

Executive & Personal Coach

Every one of us have a dream in life and we all strive to achieve them. We want to excel in studies, have excellent career opportunity and always want to succeed in achieving the targeted Goal in life. The question comes to mind that when all of us try hard in life, when only few could able to succeed in achieving their desired Goal.

I strongly believe all of us are Leaders and have leadership quality within us. The only difference is that many of us don’t know how to identify, acquire and utilise the skills in life. This is possible by Coaching.

We all have heard of Coaching & coaches normally associated with sports for developing a better team or player to win the game, they are called sports coaches. Similar to sports coaching there are coaches also available for coaching in other areas of human life. Coaching is more practical and measurable it helps in making of a leader.

What is coaching:

Coaching is about Identifying, Imparting & utilization of people strength in creating the capacity for appreciative and supportive interaction that leads to the achievement of results. It helps in setting the stage for significant discussion about issues of leadership development, personal and organizational change and creating capability through high functioning people with enhanced emotional competence.

Coaching is a process which helps us to create a vision for our life, helps us to Clarify our wants, identify needs, objectives, promotes constructive actions to stay focused as we work towards achieving our desired life goals. It helps us to understand ourselves, improve our performances, remove the obstacles that are preventing us from moving forward and helps in producing results that enhance the quality of our lives.

What we can achieve in Coaching:

Coaching helps us to identify where we are, where we want to be and helps us to develop a plan to get there. It focuses on the present and the future.

For coaching to be successful, it requires the commitment of the person being coached. To achieve this, the person being coached will need to be prepared to invest time, energy and money and to undertake tasks and actions.

Coaching recognises that everyone is different and that the reasons for engaging a coach are different for each individual. As such, it provides practical solutions tailored to individual’s requirements.

Coaching can help us work on the main areas of our life such as family and friends, work and career, health and fitness, personal relationships, fun and leisure, money and finance, personal development, our physical environment and spirituality.

In Coaching we won't be told how to run our life but it will allow us to uncover our own answers.

Coaching helps to give us clarity and can help us to fulfill our dreams and ambitions.

Coaching can help us to put us first. It empowers us and helps us to make better decisions for our self Working with a coach helps us to achieve more than we would on our own. It provides a faster way to bring about change in our life.

Coaching can help us to identify and deal with self-defeating aspects of our personality.

Coaching can help to stop our life drifting and helps us to make changes.

Coaching is an effective way of helping us to make the most of our life by helping us to identify and achieve the things that we really want to in your life.

What is role of Coach: A Coach is one who lays down the guidelines/ basic framework approach to everything. The most important thing for me is Coaching is about action results. Coaching has a life usually can be converted to tangible results. Coach tells us how, what, When. Coach gets us to the peak of our abilities.

Although we can do more than we think on our own, it is much easier, and more enjoyable, if we have someone like a Coach providing us with that extra motivation, help and support. When we have a coach, we have someone in our life who will set time aside just for us and who will help to get us where we want to be as we are.

In a coaching coach acts like a :

MENTOR : Help us setting bigger Goals.

MANAGER : Helps us in setting strategies, deadlines and monitor progress for Goals set.

PERSONAL TRAINER : Keeps us in action and stretch us to achieve them.

SPORTS COACH : Provides Objective input helps in improving our skills to achieve them.

A coach can help us to carve a stone in to a great image masterpiece.

Our coach will be our partner and will work with us in helping to keep us focused and motivated. They will be there to provide us with support, direction and encouragement. They will also be there to challenge our thinking and actions.

Now a days as the environment get more and more competitive people prefer hiring Coaches for their self development and for achieving their Goals.

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